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Ari is the creative mind behind the lens at Amen Photography, and she considers her photographic style to be a combination of classic and contemporary.  She believes that great photographs are made from a mixture of great light and captured moments that draw emotion from the depths of the viewer’s heart.

Ari believes in documenting events in a wedding as they occur, but she also pays careful attention to placing herself, and her clients, in the right spots so that the artistic elements of the photographs shine through in the final images.

As a wife and mother of four young boys, Ari is aware of how fast time flies, that life’s precious moments can occur anywhere, and that beauty can be found in even the most mundane places.  Wedding photography has a very special place in her heart because a wedding day is one of the few significant events in people’s lives that showcase the whole gamut of human relationships, and it is a day in which genuine emotions are captured throughout the day, frozen in time for people to remember for years to come.

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