When it’s not your First Wedding

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When writing these articles we automatically think of the advice referring to a first time bride, but what is increasingly common is that this is actually for a couple that either both or one of the parties have been...

Salon Lux Reno Nevada Expansion

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Lindsay Lu from Lindsay Lu Styling and Makeup Artistry is the co-owner of Salon Lux with Carissa Miles. Salon Lux launched nearly four years ago and relocated in June to 231 Flint Street.

Telling Your Love Story Through Your Wedding Details

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I am so excited for today's post about telling your love story through your wedding details. I met Rosaura on a styled shoot in Sacramento. She owns Pigment and Parchment and had created these awesome escort cards for our...

Top 3 Benefits of Having a Destination Wedding

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Let’s be honest, we’ve all considered a destination wedding. A tropical island, that magical place you would love to be whisked away to. Today’s post is all about the benefits of a destination wedding.

Fall Cake Trends for 2014

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We’ve got your wedding dress covered for fall 2014 – but what about the cake? Well, you can check that off your list too. I used my love for all things sweet to find you the yummiest trends for...

3 Wedding Gown Trends for Fall

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Though it seems like summer is still front and center – kids are returning to class, the weather is getting a bit cooler, and it’s almost time to whip out those sweaters. As we prepare for fall – it’s...

How to Choose a Wedding Dress that is not White

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Long associated with old folklore and traditions – most brides connect with the color white. But, what if you just don’t want to wear white? For me personally, I’ve found some of the most beautiful weddings were when the...

Three Benefits of Having a Small Wedding

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How many people do you want to attend your wedding? 100? 200? 500? What if all you had attending your wedding were 10 people? Sound too quaint? Today’s post is about the top three benefits of having a small...

Outdoor Weddings in Difficult Climates

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I live right outside of Houston, Texas. The current temperature is 90 degrees. When I got married nearly 10 years ago, I desperately wanted an outdoor wedding, but got vetoed by mother who just felt it would be TOO...

How to have a Social Media Savvy Wedding

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It’s true social media has become a mainstay in today’s society, with people snapping selfies as they drive to work in the morning for Facebook status updates and posting pictures to Instagram of their awesome lunch. So the probability...