Do you love the beachy summer wave look? Today I am excited to share with you a post from Salon Lux on why you should skip the DIY salt spray hairspray if you are going for that gorgeous wavy look.

02488c4a9c355d71b5466c04fefd9f7bImage by Ciara Richardson Photography

Beachy summer waves are an effortless summer look – tousled, sexy, not trying too hard. The concept is simple – loose, textured waves courtesy of the salty ocean water and fresh sea air. The technique is surprisingly doable too, and even better? You don’t need a day at the beach to pull off those beachy waves. Our pick for faking it? We love UNITE’s Beach Day Spray. It’s the kind of product you can pop in your bag with your sunscreen for instant style, no matter where you are. At home, just spray on towel-dried hair and scrunch. At the beach or the pool, just spray on towel-dried hair and scrunch. Easy peasy, right?

For the thrifty beauty addict, whipping up a DIY version of professional salt sprays seems like a no-brainer. There’s no shortage of recipes online, and they typically involve a mix of ingredients – water, oils for scent, a bit of gel and some coarse sea salt or Epsom salt, all shaken up in a spray bottle. Sounds simple, right? Before you rush to the cupboard, be clear on the often-ignored risk of the DIY stuff.

4546e46fac64c147844592d07f0a3ee7Image by Britta Marie Photography via Wedding Chicks

First, homemade salt spray concoctions can be downright damaging, especially to color treated locks. If your hair has any kind of color treatment, you’re risking both color longevity and shine with a DIY spray.

Second, DIY salt sprays are almost guaranteed to be less effective than professional versions – you won’t get the same tousled waves and texture. And isn’t that the whole point?

A quality salt spray hairspay is one of those splurge or save moments, and in this case, it’s worth the splurge. In the long run, you’ll protect your hair from the drying, potentially damaging effects of a cheaper option.