Benefits of Getting Your Hair and Makeup Professionally Done

It is very common for many brides to get both their hair and makeup professionally done on their wedding day. Often the bridesmaids and even the mother of the bride are included in this service so everyone looks their best for the big day. Below is a Q & A session with local makeup artist Lindsay from FabYOUglam. She provides services in the Reno/Lake Tahoe area and even in Milwaukee.

hair and makeup professionally done

Q: What are the benefits of doing a trial run with make-up and hair before your wedding day?

A: Doing a trial run is a small investment in peace and confidence on your big day. There is so much going on during the actual wedding day. Knowing that your hair and makeup look is all set allows the bride to just sit back, relax and be pampered on her wedding day. The bride’s hair and makeup just shouldn’t be something left to chance or be random. It should be planned and designed just like every other aspect of the wedding celebration. A trial also lets you get to know your makeup artist, which can be really calming and comforting on the big day. I always say … my trial run makeup is always fabYOUlous … but, when I see a bride again on her big day, it’s always THAT much better because I know her. I know about her fiancé and family and life and all of that comes through in the makeup application making it truly perfect.

Q: What would you suggest for brides? A more natural look on their wedding day or something more dramatic?

A: Wedding day makeup should be the ultimate expression on YOU. I feel strongly that unless brides are doing a crazy, themed wedding and that is truly their personality, or they wear a signature, strong makeup look in their everyday life – they should look like their best version of themselves on their wedding day. For most brides, that means a more “pumped” up “natural” version of their everyday look. I try to stick to neutral colors and makeup techniques that enhance a bride’s innate features, making her look like her most radiant, beautiful version of herself.

Q: What are some of the biggest beauty mistakes to avoid?

A: Not blending or properly color matching foundation, wearing a very popular powder foundation in photos that bounces off flash, creating “white face” and over lined eyes or lips.

Q: How does getting your hair and make-up done professionally help improve the outcome of your wedding photos?

A: Your wedding photos are forever. Not to mention, the investment you make in them. Professional hair and makeup looks like just that in photos - professional: polished, deliberate, styled and properly executed for photos. Subtle shading and contouring, photo appropriate foundation and cleanly applied makeup makes you look like your best version of yourself in photos. Features pop and radiance shines through. Professionally applied makeup will also last through your entire event.

Q: Besides hair and makeup, you offer an on-sight spray tan service. Is this done the day of the wedding or before? What is the procedure of this service?

A: An on-location spray tan – or fabYOUtan – as we call it is the ultimate add on for brides who want to really “glow” on their wedding day. Always bronze and never “orange,” our tan is customized for each client. We suggest a subtle, bronze glow for brides, but we can give deep, tropical tans too! We come to you for convenience, comfort and for the ultimate insurance that your tan will dry flawlessly. We suggest scheduling your tan two days before the wedding so you can enjoy it at your rehearsal dinner and to optimize the look. We also suggest getting the bridal party together for a fabYOUtan party! This get together is amazing fun and then everyone looks their bronzed best at the wedding. You provide the location and the cocktails … fabYOUglam provides the tropical tans!

Q: I also saw that you offer a tattoo cover up service. How does this process work?

A: We use medical grade, Hollywood tested makeup and expert techniques to camouflage tattoos on your big day. This can also be done for tan lines, bruises or any other “flaws” you or your wedding party would like to “disappear” on the big day.