Three Benefits of Having a Small Wedding

How many people do you want to attend your wedding? 100? 200? 500? What if all you had attending your wedding were 10 people? Sound too quaint? Today's post is about the top three benefits of having a small wedding.

Top Three Benefits of Having a Small WeddingImage by Megan Clouse

Romantic and Intimate

More and more brides are beginning to do a family or small party ceremony. While it’s fun to have a big party – think of how romantic it would be to just have your closest friends and family witness your vows. And, those brides opting to have a smaller ceremony have this in mind.

Ask yourself, “Who really needs to be at my wedding?” And, think of how much stress and anxiety you might save yourself if instead of planning for a 100, you’re planning for 10.

You also have the opportunity to have more one on one interaction with your guests and truly share this day with them. No one wants to feel like they only got an invite because they had to fulfill a social obligation – a smaller ceremony lets you make each guest feel special.

Image by Tonie Christine Photography via Bridal Musings

Cost Savings

If you’re on a budget, think of the cost savings of planning for a small intimate group. It would allow you to splurge on a nicer dinner, nicer décor and the dream dress you wanted, simply by scaling back the attendee list.

If you haven’t seen a friend in the time you’ve been engaged to your fiancé, maybe skip having them on the ceremony list and celebrate your new Mr. & Mrs. status with them in a different way. They will understand that you want to keep your ceremony small and be happy to celebrate with you when your nuptials are complete.

Image by Magnus Bogucki via Junebug Weddings

Small Wedding, Big Reception

If you still feel the urge to party, have a big reception and a small ceremony. Having a ceremony of a few and renting a reception hall to have a gathering will still prove more cost effective than paying for a fully loaded ceremony and reception.

Certainly these are just considerations, and your day, big or small should be special to all that attend; whether it’s just you and your groom or you and the entire room.