How to Choose a Wedding Dress that is not White

Long associated with old folklore and traditions - most brides connect with the color white. But, what if you just don't want to wear white? For me personally, I've found some of the most beautiful weddings were when the bride didn't wear white. It forces the wedding to be more outside of the box and colorful. It also shakes the traditions up a bit and gives your guests a visual jolt.

wed_0031Image by Samm Blake via Lane

How do I choose which color is for me?

When picking a non-white bridal gown, look for inspiration from your favorite bridal magazines and style reports. Sometimes, the color of the season might be a color that works perfectly for you. Also, visit that old standby Pinterest - and see what others are drawing inspiration from. Sometimes I can spend a whole day on Pinterest, with all those inspiring posts you're bound to run across something that is non traditional and fits your personal style.

4980c4cab30e0bef292f4e230f4f5169Image by Julie Mikos via 100 Layer Cake

What's acceptable?

When it comes to what's acceptable, it really comes down to you and what works for your style and customs. I've been to weddings were brides have worn colors as bold as red or as subdued as peach. Be sure to coordinate your colors with your bridesmaids and include an accessory that ties everything together.

e2881afe1fbe334e0ce24c497cc83c81Image by Megan Thiele via Style Me Pretty

What if my bridal boutique doesn't carry what I want?

Don't let this discourage you - in 2014 you can get a wedding dress from virtually anywhere. With internet options, and using sites like Etsy, you can order a dress from any were in the world and have it at your doorstep in a matter of days. So, definitely don't let this intimidate you! Go with the look you love.

9e3f71e0080fc82c14eda592d6c5a8beImage by Emm and Clau Photography via French Wedding Style

Finally, don't be afraid of customs and traditions or upsetting your Mom. (Mom's can be sticklers for these things. Trust me I know.) Go with your gut! Find your non-traditional wedding dress in your favorite color and make the aisle your runway. After all, it is your day!