To DIY or not to DIY? That is the question!

I'm excited to introduce our guest post today from Stephanie Herbst at Wedding Party. Read about her tips on if a DIY wedding is for you!

I know you’re eyeing the DIY wedding boards on Pinterest. I know you’re thinking to yourself “Heck yeah I’d be fine with making that adorable bunting for my reception”. And I know you’re already envisioning your DIY bliss as you put together the perfect handcrafted wedding. As a new bride-to-be, it’s hard not to get caught up in the multitude of amazing DIY wedding projects out there. I mean, they’re cheap, adorable, and! Right? Maybe. Not to bust your bridey bubble, but someone ought to give you some wedding real talk and deliver this important message before you head over to Michael’s: Wedding DIY projects aren’t as easy as you think, and they aren’t for everyone.

DIY Wedding

Image by Suzanna March Photography via Wedding Party

It’s true. As a self-proclaimed DIY newbie (as I’m sure most of you are), I’m here to tell you that DIYs are great - fantastic even! - but they’re not for every bride out there. Before you commit to handcrafting all your wedding seating chart, aisle runners, and ceremony arch, there are a couple key things you should consider.

Image via My Sister's Suitcase

1. How long do you have before your wedding?

Adding a DIY touch for your wedding is truly wonderful and can be a fun experience - if you have enough time. The thing about crafting is that you never really know how something is going to turn out before you complete the project. Unless you’re incredibly blessed with the glue gun or are a DIY expert, it’s hard to gage how long a project will take, and how it will actually turn out. If you have six months to make your wedding’s aisle runner, you’ll be able to test, adjust, and even re-make your DIY runner. If you have just one might be harder. Make sure you always give yourself enough time when doing a DIY wedding to make mistakes and adjust your expectations. And of course, to complete your project!

Image via Bayside Bride

2. What’s your budget?

Believe it or not, craft supplies aren't cheap. Maybe you’ve got some killer idea for your seating chart that you know will be pennies to make...but maybe your idea for DIY bunting ends up being $100 more than you expected, after you decided to get the high-quality paper, extra yards of glossy ribbon, and super-adhesive glue. Always consider your wedding budget, and make sure that your “cheap” DIY project doesn’t turn into an unexpectedly pricey fiasco.

Image via Eat Drink Chic

3. Who’s on your team?

This goes along with the “time” thing - your DIY project is going to go a lot faster and more enjoyable when you’ve got some friends to share the experience with. Not only will more hands make for light work, you’ll be able to talk about a knock out other wedding details while you’re at it! Plus, your super-crafty friends may be able to offer some DIY tips that you haven’t thought of - like using twine instead of yarn to wrap those mason jars with. Make a day out of it by adding mimosas and some good gossip - you can’t go wrong!

Image via Martha Stewart

I hope this helps you get a sense of whether or not DIYing your wedding is a good fit for you and your special day. DIY is a great way to save a few bucks and create some truly meaningful and pieces for your wedding - you just have to know how to plan so that it’s a positive, fun experience.