Fall Cake Trends for 2014

We’ve got your wedding dress covered for fall 2014 – but what about the cake? Well, you can check that off your list too. I used my love for all things sweet to find you the yummiest trends for wedding cakes. Naked Cakes

A trend that got started last year, and continues through to this year, is the bare wedding cake. The wedding cake has no frosting on the outside and only has icing in between the layers. These cakes are a hit with brides because of their simplistic nature and toned down sweetness. Decorate these cakes with rustic décor and play up their beauty.

Fall Cake TrendsImage by Anna Hardy via Whimsical Wonderland Weddings

Multiple Cakes

Can’t make your mind up on which cake you want? Why not get more than one cake? A new trend for fall that I’m really digging is multiple wedding cakes. Instead of having one huge cake – have 4 or 5 smaller cakes all beautifully decorated in your wedding theme. I really feel like this gives a bride the opportunity to not just go all in on one wedding cake design but to display a variety of looks. If you decide to go this route – don’t be conservative with your choices. Create your cake display with whimsy!

Image by Gideon Photography via Inspired by This

Metallic Cakes

Wedding cakes with gold or silver are all the rage this year. Go with a cake completely covered in silver or coordinate your layers to be opposing colors with gold or silver sprinkled in.

Image by Jenny Futography via The Cake Blog

A Wedding Pie?

That’s right – you read correctly! A wedding pie! Another fave of mine for fall is forgoing the cake altogether and having wedding pies. Yes, you’ll definitely need to have more than one, but wouldn’t it be great to display all of the great pie flavors for fall at your reception.

Image by Steve Lee Photography via Wedding Chicks

So which cake trend for 2014 has you in frenzy? Whichever you decide – make sure it’s delicious!