Get Your Groom Involved in the Wedding Planning

Obviously, a wedding is the union of two people. Therefore, there are two sides and two sets of opinions. The bride is the center of attention, the one in the beautiful white dress, and probably doing a majority of the work for the wedding. Ladies don’t forget about the handsome gent that you fell in love with. Remember to put him to work and take some of the stress off of you. Get him involved because you love him and you value his thoughts and opinions. Getting your groom involved in the wedding planning can still be done even if he has said, “I don’t care,” to most of the items you want his input on. There are ways to have him be a part of the madness and have him help you. He may have ideas that you think are silly, but there are ways you can compromise. I have two examples that come to mind. I was at a wedding where the groom wanted to have everyone put on sunglasses as the wedding party walked back down the aisle. The bride didn’t want her processional photos to have sunglasses. So they made a compromise. They put sunglasses on as they started to walk and took them off when they got half way down the aisle.

Get Your Groom Involved in your wedding

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The second example comes from a groom that wanted him and his groomsmen wear capes. The only problem was there were no magicians among them and the bride was not on board. When the cape idea was discussed and dismissed, the next thought was top hats. They were all gentlemen, but not like that. The brainstorming continued and they thought perhaps canes?! No, the next idea was monocles! Wait…brilliant! The bride still wasn’t fully on board, but one of her bridesmaids went online and purchased some monocles. She busted them out during the bridal party photos and they made for some great props!

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These ideas may seem silly or at times literally laughable, but they usually turn into a fun and really enjoyable part of the wedding for the wedding party. Think of ways you can incorporate your groom’s ideas into your wedding. Pictures are often one of the best ways to do this. Take advantage of the group pictures and play out some fun ideas with your guy. What have you done to get your groom involved?

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