How to create a good relationship with your wedding vendors

How to create a good relationship with your wedding vendors

Today's topic is about how to create a good relationship with your wedding vendors. Let's face it. You want your wedding to be perfect, right? For it go off without a hitch? Well even though we know perfection is hard to come by, as a bride you want to make sure relationships are in good standing for your wedding day. So how do you create a good relationship with your vendors to ensure that you needs are met and everyone is happy?


This one can be hard. Especially if you are a busy-bee bride like I am. Part of being overly busy means you are used to taking charge and tend to be on the extremely organized side. It can be hard to let go of the control and trust in someone else to do that job. But trust me when I say this... let them! You are hiring them for a reason. Talk to them in the beginning about your ideas and goals for your special day and trust that they will get the job done and fulfill your wishes. Micro-managing can often hurt you in the end. If you create a demand list too long for your vendors, they will either miss important details trying to complete your list or you will be left disappointed if they can't fulfill every item.

It's so important to maintain a good relationship with your vendors. If you choose the right vendors to begin with, people you get along with and who work well with you that helps. Next you need make sure that you respect their time and hard work. Respond to calls and emails quickly (as they should as well) and try not to micro-manage them. You chose them because you love their work and respect them, so trust them to do what they do best, and make sure to remember that they do what they do because they love it! – JLM Creative Photography

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I can't stress enough how important this one is. Communication is huge in any relationship and is just as important in building a relationship with your vendors. Keeping in contact during the planning process will ensure your day runs smoothly. It is also important to let vendors know if things have changed. For example, just last week I heard about a photographer showing up to the ceremony to find no one there. After calling numerous people, they finally got a hold of someone and were told the wedding part was running two hours late!

Stay in contact and keep the vendors you have booked posted. Let the vendors know who you are interested in and see what they feel about them. Most vendors have done dozens of weddings so we know how things roll and what may not roll right. Get referrals and meet up before hand. If not possible then skype or phone or something! – Jeramie Lu Photography

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Trusting in their abilities to do their job is key. You hired them, right? There must have been something about their work that you gravitated towards. Respecting your vendor's time and abilities is also important. Creating a foundation for a relationship of mutual trust and respect will go a long way for your big day.

Creating a good relationship with your vendors starts with respect and trust. If you can trust your wedding vendor to do what you are asking them to do and you respect their time as much as they respect yours, then you are already on a great path for a good relationship. Make sure to communicate clearly with them as well. – Matt and Jentry: Photographers

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This is your wedding. If you have ideas on inspiration, themes, decor, style, or anything, be sure to bring it to your vendors. Tell them what you are looking for and bring them into the vision of your big day. Remember that vendors have participated in a ton of weddings. Some of your ideas may spark suggestions of things they saw that worked well and things that did not work so well. Take their ideas into consideration too.

Have a good idea of what you want, but be open to their input. It is helpful for clients to come into vendor meetings with ideas of what they want, but it is especially great when they take the vendors recommendations into consideration too. – Take the Cake Events

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