How To Get Your Groom Involved In Crunch Time

Well ladies, I’m back. Hopefully you find these blogs to be nearly as useful as all of the other great inspiration posts. This post is about how to get your groom involved in crunch time. You’ll understand because you will be under a lot of stress a week or two before the wedding. Crunch time! He wants to help you and make your life easier. He loves you. So if you give him some of the last minute details to finish it will help you out immensely. There are often little DIY touches that you are finalizing right up to the very end. Have him take on some of the responsibility. For example, here are a couple of the tasks my wife gave me. Candy Bar

How to get your groom involved in crunch timeImage by Craftionary

I was assigned the candy bar. This meant decorating different shaped glass containers with ribbon that would hold candy for our guests. They looked great, if I do say so myself. I helped pick out the ribbon that we decided to use. I also assembled the gift boxes for the guests to fill up with the candy and take home with them at the end of the night.

Guest Wedding Favors

Image by Custom Love Gifts

Our favors came mostly assembled. My wife wanted to finish them off with some ribbon and personalized tags. She handed this one off to me too. Often the guest party favors are smaller projects, but still ones the bride likes to make personal for the guests. A great project your groom can help you with.

What will you be sharing with him? Or what tasks did your groom do for your wedding? Share some ideas on how you have, or are going to get the groom involved.