When it’s not your First Wedding

When writing these articles we automatically think of the advice referring to a first time bride, but what is increasingly common is that this is actually for a couple that either both or one of the parties have been married before. When planning a second wedding, there are a whole host of considerations to be made. What will family members think? What’s appropriate? What will my children think? I certainly don’t have all of the answers, but have seen a few really beautiful and tactfully handled second marriages and I’d love to share those experiences with you with hopes to inspire you on how best to handle your second wedding ceremony. The Kids

When there are kids involved in a second marriage, feelings can run the gambit. Sometimes the children can be as excited as you are, but often there can be feelings of doubt, resentment, you name it. The best way of tackling this is letting the kids get involved in the process. I’ve seen brides have their kids be the maid of honor or if they are smaller, maybe the flower girl. While giving your kids a role in the wedding won’t solve all of the problems, it might make them feel included in the process and will help with the transition into being apart of this new blended family. Be patient. Being inclusive won’t be the answer to all of the issues you’re experiencing but it will be a pleasant start.

When it’s not your First WeddingImage by Amalie Orrange Photography via Wedding Chicks

Gift Giving

Some couples experiencing a second marriage realize that they don’t need new appliances or a blender – they are way past that. Established, and possibly living on their own for a while, and maybe a need for gifts isn’t necessary. If you fall into this category but don’t want to be thought rude by your guests, why not have your guests make donations to charity on you and your partner’s behalf? This way people can still feel like they are contributing to your ceremony.

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Can we really celebrate?

You can really celebrate! I’m thinking this is with reference to the fact that people might have judged whether or not your relationship is going to last before they come to the ceremony. Well you know what, who cares?! You’re a couple together because you love each other. Plus, you’re a bride on the go and you’re way too busy to worry about what others think. You’ve got wedding details to figure out.

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This might not have all the answers that you seek, but I certainly hope it inspires you to get that second wedding planning under way. And remember, be patient and let love rule.