Professional Makeup for Your Wedding, Yes or No?

Here is a question I come across a lot. Should you get professional makeup for your wedding, yes or no? Today I want to talk to you from a bride's perspective. Since my wedding, I have learned some big lessons on this topic that I only wish I would have known before. To really discuss this I think I need to rewind a couple of years to when I was planning for my big day. You see, I grew up as a middle child with two brothers. I was a tomboy at heart and even today a lot of those tendencies still stick with me. I'm a hiker, a camper...a not afraid of the dirt type of girl. Just last month my family was helping my younger brother rebuild his fence and there I was, knee deep in dirt, with all the boys helping to get the job done. So needless to say I have never been much of a makeup type of person. And as my wedding day was fast approaching I realized that I didn't even have the slightest clue on how to put makeup on. I needed help. At the time I was planning, there wasn't a big emphasis on the importance of professional makeup...or at least not from what I was aware of. So, I ended up hiring a makeup artist last minute. Because of this I did not do a trial and was very nervous the day of. I mean I wasn't used to wearing makeup and did not want to look weird or unnatural.  Ah there's that word...I am pretty sure I used the word 'natural' at least ten times. While the makeup did its job for my wedding day, I was surprised at what I would come to learn over the next few years and how I would have changed my decision if I knew then what I know now.

About nine months after my wedding I was invited by a photographer to participate in a bridal creative shoot. I thought it would be fun, and of course it was! Since it was a creative shoot, the makeup artist got to play. I didn't mind and there definitely was not the same set of nerves as I had on my wedding day, so I just relaxed and enjoyed the process. The makeup artist decided on a main eye shadow that had an orange hue to bring out my eyes. Can you imagine? I don't think I would have ever said yes to an orange eye shadow on my wedding day. But guess what? The photos turned out great! Even better, when I got home that night my husband took one look at me and said, "You look hot!" This coming from the guy who has told me countless times how much he dislikes makeup on girls.

Since then I have done two more photo sessions with professional makeup. After my first experience I've let the makeup artist freely experiment. No longer do I put the 'natural' restriction on them. And boy has it paid off! This last photo session was one of the best. I always admire photos I see of others and how amazing they look. This was the first time in my life I've ever fully loved a photo of myself. Sure there have been some great ones in the past, but this was the first one that just fit. The only reason I was able to achieve this was by allowing myself to trust the professionals and letting them do what they do best.

Photography: Courtney Aaron / Makeup: Kari Addison

Hair: Elyssa Lee / Spray Tan: Kendall Bronze de Beaut

So what were my lessons learned? The obvious one being just how important professional makeup is to the quality of your photos. Having my makeup done has made a world of difference in my photos. By highlighting the features I already have and enhancing them for photos, I've ended up enjoying the photos that much more. The second lesson I learned was to let go of the familiar and 'natural' and allow the makeup artist to do their job the best they can. If you are more like me and not used to makeup, you may feel a little indifferent about their finished product at first. But the photos will be well worth it in the end. Your wedding day isn't any ordinary day. It is a time to accent your best features. If you want that 'look' you have seen on a makeup artist's website, then you need to trust them and let them give you that look.

I have one final suggestion that I would have done if I could only turn back time. Set up a photo session for yourself before your wedding. Allow your makeup artist to have some fun and don't make any suggestions. Just enjoy the day and see how amazing those photos turn out. I guarantee you will love them and feel more comfortable in your makeup on your wedding day. I'm also betting you forgo that 'natural' look and let your makeup artist highlight your features for the best possible photos you can take on your big day.