Professional reviews versus client reviews for wedding vendors

This is a topic I am so excited to write about. I truly believe in any industry you must connect with others in your industry to grow. Relationships with other vendors are just as important as relationships with clients. If you are a follower of OTGB, you know I love featuring our preferred vendors and value their opinions. As a bride or groom searching for the perfect wedding vendors, be sure to keep these points in mind when you are looking through those valuable vendor reviews!

bridal partyImage from Andrea Woodard Photography via OTGB


Vendors have tons of experience when it comes to weddings. They can attend anywhere from 10 to 100 weddings per year. They have experience with numerous vendors within the same industry and even work multiple times with the same vendors.

Professional wedding vendors attend more weddings than anyone else and see the behind the scenes inner workings of each event. They see things clients never see and can give you a different perspective to help make the difficult decisions. If a vendor finds someone difficult to work with, chances are you will too. A DJ may have worked with 15 different wedding planners, where as a past client has only ever worked with the one they booked. Client reviews are a great first step to narrow down the huge list of options, but vendor reviews are great to help you make the final choice between a couple great contenders. - Take the Cake Events


Many of these vendors have developed great relationships with one another. They enjoy working together and have worked together on numerous occasions. They know that they can trust each other to get the job done and ensure the bride and groom have a fabulous day.

I would say that professional reviews are much more important to our business. Wedding planners, other caterers, photographers, and other industry professionals is where the majority of our business comes from. People in the wedding industry who know us, trust us, and who we have built a relationship with are the ones that promote you. I believe a professional recommendation goes a long way when it comes to a Bride planing her wedding. - Old World Coffee


Word of mouth is huge in this industry. Pleasing clients will always guarantee word of mouth to their friends and family. But what about vendors? If a vendor is booked, chances are they have a list of vendors in their field that they trust and can refer work out to. This is so important. As a couple you want to know your vendor is someone that other vendors would recommend.

I get about 30% of my business from vendors. They work with you behind the scenes so they see the true you as you work together to make an amazing experience happen. Getting a review from a vendor is probably even better than from just the bride. - Jeramie Lu Photography