Five Questions to Ask your Wedding Cake Designer

I am back today with another lovely informative post by Stacey from Cake on Sunday. Today's topic is five questions to ask your wedding cake designer. These are such important questions and will help you to find the perfect cake designer for your big day! Five Questions to Ask your Wedding Cake Designer | Krissy Irene Photography

Do you deliver and what is the cost of delivery?

Some cake artists have already included the cost of delivery into their cake quotes, while others haven’t. Make sure you ask your cake artist if they deliver and what the cost of delivery is. Some cakes should absolutely be delivered by the professional (do you really want your Aunt to be responsible for that 6-tier creation?) but smaller cakes can be taken to the venue by a trusted friend or family member. The cake artist should have some tips for you if you decide to forego delivery, but know you are assuming some risk!

Five Questions to Ask your Wedding Cake Designer | Krissy Irene Photography

Do you have a cake stand/display (if you don’t have one of your own)?

It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the design of the cake, that the detail of set-up is forgotten. Do you want your cake set on a slice of wood to complete that rustic feeling? Are you providing that? Would it be something that your cake artist has? Make sure you discuss your vision for the cake or dessert table and who is responsible for what.

Five Questions to Ask your Wedding Cake Designer | Krissy Irene Photography

How many wedding cakes do you schedule the same day?

It’s important to know that your cake artist can dedicate the time your wedding cake deserves. Cake artists with staff can obviously take on more cakes, but a single artist will have more limited resources and wedding cakes can take days, not just hours to create. You might be the only wedding cake at the time you book, but if you cake artist takes on four more cakes for your wedding day after you’ve met, your cake likely won’t be getting special attention it deserves.

Five Questions to Ask your Wedding Cake Designer | Krissy Irene Photography

How far in advance should I order my cake?

It’s best to start contacting cake artists as soon as you have your wedding date confirmed to make sure you find someone you like with availability for your wedding day, especially if you are getting married during a popular time for weddings, and if you are getting married on a Friday or Saturday, which are more popular days than others for weddings. Many cake artists will require a deposit to reserve your date, so just contacting a cake artist with your date and checking availability does not guarantee they will be available down the road. If you want to do a cake tasting (or several) schedule these at least 4 months before your wedding so that you can decide on a cake artist and put a deposit down. A basic idea and size should be decided then (Are you doing a 6 tier wedding cake? A dessert bar? Several mini cakes?), but final design elements and flavors can be decided closer to your wedding, if need be. If you are requesting unique flavors or decorations that might be harder to get, make sure you are giving your cake artist plenty of time to get them.

Five Questions to Ask your Wedding Cake Designer | Krissy Irene Photography

What do you do if the cake gets damaged in transit to or at my reception site?

This is when choosing and paying for delivery (if applicable) becomes a great idea. In the grand scheme of the cost of your wedding, the possible delivery fee is probably negligible and will give you tremendous piece of mind. There’s not much a cake artist can do if they are not bringing the cake to the reception site. However, if they are delivering the cake, they should have the tools with them to fix anything that might go wrong during transit. Depending on the type of cake I’m delivering, I travel with extra frosting, edible glue, extra decorations (flowers, ribbons, etc.), and any other support items I might need. When a cake artist delivers the cake, they can ensure that it is set up in a safe place and that it looks just as perfect as when they completed it. I would not recommend moving your cake (especially if it’s on the larger side) after you cake artist has left, as they will no longer be responsible for it. However, if you think you might need to move the cake, ask your cake artist if they can leave some of the “fixers” and make sure you have designated someone else to be responsible for this as you will have much more to deal with as you prepare for your walk down the aisle.

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