Three reasons why you should surprise your bride-to-be

This might be a bit more directed towards the gentleman readers, but have you thought about surprising your bride-to-be? That’s right, surprising your bride with your proposal and having it photographed. Surprise proposals are not new, grooms have been surprising brides since the tradition of marriage began. But I’m speaking specifically to capturing it on film.

Image by Jennifer Beeson Photography

If you’ve thought about it and are torn on the matter, here are three reasons why you should consider popping the “big question” with your photographer in tow.

Share Your Moment with Others

While everyone will eventually find out about your pending nuptials, not everyone can be there for the exact moment when you asked. Why not capture the moment for those who couldn’t attend? This makes a lovely memory for you to share with family that might be spread all over the country. With the click of a button, family you haven’t seen in years can share in the joy and feel as if they had been there.

Image by Danielle Poff via Ruffled

Relive the Romantic Moment

What could be more romantic then capturing the moment you decided to share your lives together on film? When you and your bride are seventy and sitting in your rockers, what better moment to look back on and reminisce about?

Image by Rachel Moore Photography via Southern Weddings

Be an Inspiration

Have a unique engagement idea? What a great way to inspire other grooms to be than sharing your big moment with your friends and on social media. Every great proposal has to start somewhere and your photos might be the creative spark that sets another brides proposal a blaze.

Image by Simply Photography via Style Me Pretty

While capturing your proposal on camera might not be the go-to choice for everyone, those who decide to capture their proposal on film truly have a special memento that they can treasure for all time.