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Top 5 Reasons an Engagement Session is for You!

I am excited to share this guest blog post with you today from our vendor Courtney Aaron! Courtney shares the top 5 reasons why an engagement session is for you. Read through her personal experience and how much she gained through her own engagement session! If you are on the fence, these great tips and insight just might steer you towards a great session with your fiance.

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Places for Lake Tahoe Engagement Photos

I searched through engagement submissions and contacted some great local photographers to help me with this post! Looking for that perfect location for your engagement session can sometimes be tricky. You want to pick a place where the photos will look great. Or it may be a place that has a special meaning to you both. Or how about a place that matches the feel, theme, or vibe you are going for? Here are some great places and ideas in Lake Tahoe for those photos.

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Choosing the Perfect Photographer for your Big Day!

Choosing the perfect photographer for your big day is very important. You want to make sure you choose someone that fits with your personal style and will give you the photos you envision. But how do you choose the right photographer? I thought no better way to find out then to ask a photographer!

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