Telling Your Love Story Through Your Wedding Details

I am so excited for today's post about telling your love story through your wedding details. I met Rosaura on a styled shoot in Sacramento. She owns Pigment and Parchment and had created these awesome escort cards for our styled shoot and I've been following her work ever since. In the wedding industry something being customized or personalized usually means using your names, monograms, and colors. Rosaura takes that a step further when working with couples to craft the perfect piece of art for their wedding day.

Telling Your Love Story Through Your Wedding Details | Pigment and Parchment

I personally feel that what I do offers an alternative to Pinterest and all of the generic pretty that is out there. I love getting the privilege of really getting to know a couple and telling their love story through the details in my art. I'm a little biased but I believe wedding stationery sets the tone for weddings and starts telling your guests what to expect months before the event even happens. I also see the stationery suite as a sort of mood board for the design of the entire event that other vendors can use to get an idea for the style, color, how whimsical, natural or elegant it will be, and any design motifs that might be relevant to their tasks.

Image by Cori Delgado Photography

When I start with brides creating a suite from scratch instead of just getting their preferred colors and a style I ask to hear about their love story. I ask what their hobbies are, what their favorite date night is, their favorite funny story, their pets and about any vacations they've taken together! No detail is too small. Most of this won't all go into the design suite but I try to take all of that information and brainstorm ways to incorporate snippets. I think of what details would lend themselves well to illustrations and find ways to sneak them in. Those details create truly personalized wedding stationery.

Image by Yuliya M. Photography

Maybe the map included with the invitations has a little illustration showing that the couple's first date was near where the ceremony is. Maybe the menu has illustrations of all the ingredients that went into the dishes because the groom is really into cooking. Some might find it odd to sneak in walnuts into the design. I think it's touching seeing walnuts on the wedding invitation of a bride who grew up on a walnut farm. Some may not think it's elegant enough to have dinosaurs and mermaids on the escort cards. I think it's keeping with the true reason for having a wedding- celebrating love with the people who know the couple best. Trying to impress anyone is not my MO. I'm more about making people laugh or cry with details that are 'so them'.

Once we get off Pinterest and throw out the idea that a wedding has to be any certain way it is so liberating. If you're a fancy person at heart, by all means get fancy! Just make sure you do you.