The Many Faces of the Photobooth

What makes a photobooth at your wedding so much fun? Is it the nostalgia from your childhood? Is it the chance to be silly in your formal attire? Perhaps it’s just the great pictures you take and memories you create with your friends? Whatever your reason may be, the photobooth has become a pretty standard staple at local events and weddings. One huge benefit of the photobooth is it gives your guests a nice keepsake for them to remember your wedding and for you to remember all your wonderful guests. The main concern for the bride and groom is to be certain of what you are getting when you secure a ‘photobooth’ for your special day. There are a few different types of photobooths out there and we want to help you know exactly what you are getting to make sure there are no surprises at your wedding. You may ask yourself, “Why are there so many options for a photobooth?!?” Let us clear it up.


Image via Johnstone Studios

The Photobooth

The old-timey photobooths that you saw at carnivals or in the mall. You would try and pack as many people as possible into for that one fun photo. This has been recreated for weddings and our vendor the Reno Photobooth Company is a great example! They provide fun novelty props and even great guest book options. The booth will automatically print out a photo for your guests to take with them and leave one behind for the host to keep too!

Image via Johnstone Studios

Novelty Picture Backdrop

This includes a solid or patterned backdrop and fun photo props too. There is a photographer that snaps the photos of you and your guests. You can take really big group photos and are not constrained to the photobooth dimensions. You don't get images printed out right there, but receive them at a later date when the photographer publishes them or shares them with the bride and groom.

Image via Joe Elario Photography

Cloth Enclosed ‘Booth’

Some photographers are setting up a cloth enclosure made with PVC pipes. They then place a camera on a tripod to take the photos in their handmade photobooth. It is enclosed like a photobooth, but not a single unit like. Fun props are also usually provided with this version, but you must wait on images from the photographer.

Image via DIY Photobooths


The last option is a screenbooth. Think "big ipad" for this one. It's the digital version of a photobooth. A screenbooth allows your guests to find their names and record a short video greeting or snap four photos that are printed out for your guests to take home as a party favor.


Image via The Flirty Blog

While there are quite a few photobooth options for you to choose for your big day, you want to make sure you are choosing the right one. Be sure to ask questions when you call vendors and find out which option they offer. After all, you don’t buy a wedding cake without tasting it first!