Top 5 Things Couples Forget When Planning Their Wedding

Things Couples Forget When Planning Their Wedding There is so much on your to-do-list for your wedding day. From planning, organizing, creating and sticking to a budget, meetings, internet searches...the list goes on. Here we provide the top 5 things couples forget when planning their wedding. Read about our tips with some great advice from our preferred OTGB vendors!



Relaxation can be one of the hardest things to do when planning your wedding. There is so much to do in such a limited time. Hiring professionals is one of the best ways to ensure some relaxation. Letting them take the lead and doing what they do best can be very comforting. Also it is important to take time out during your day. I was recently helping at a wedding where the bride and groom decided them wanted to take a "moment" after the ceremony with just the two of them. They walked along the beach in Lake Tahoe and spent some time together before joining everyone at the reception. I thought this was perfect! What a great way to take some time to just enjoy one another at your wedding.

I think a lot of couples forget to just relax and enjoy the process, and the day of their wedding especially. This is a once in a lifetime event so we put so much pressure on ourselves to make it perfect, the wedding we always dreamed of. But remember, ultimately this is not about chair covers, mason jars, custom cocktails or cake balls; it's about standing up in front of the people you care most about and committing to spend a lifetime with that one person who was made just for you! I try to remind my couples to just stop periodically and take a deep breath and take it all in. This one day will fly by so fast, and if you are too focused on perfection you will miss the beauty of what is really going on! – JLM Creative Photography


I think we can all be guilty of not living in the moment. There are a ton of distractions in this world. One of the major distractions being those pesky cell phones. Yes we need them. But there is something so refreshing about being able to turn them off for a day and just enjoy the time and moments we have with one another. I highly recommend spending some time during your wedding planning and your wedding day away from the cell phones. Be in the moment and enjoy every second of it!

Reminding their guests to not spend the day taking photos and videos and living in the moment. Not taking into account driving time. Not letting family members who are supposed to be in posed photos know about it. – Jeramie Lu Photography


Weddings go by fast. Very fast! I know during my wedding I had expressed numerous times I really wanted sunset photos. It never happened. Having a schedule can help during your day. You can make sure to get in all the items that are most important to you and let the other things fall into place.

As a photographer, I may be biased, but most couples forget to allow enough time for photography throughout the entire day. And one thing I forgot as a bride was to allow enough time at my reception to greet all of my guests!  - Matt and Jentry: Photographers


This was a big "What I learned" moment for me. During my wedding planning my mom decided her and my aunts would do the setup for my reception. As the time drew closer I knew this was going to be too much work. I convinced my mom to hire a day-of-planner. Best decision! My mom and aunts were able to be with me when I got ready and spend that time with me before the wedding. It was much more important for me to have them there. As a bride you have to decide if saving some money or the moments together are more important to you. For me it was the moments and I am so glad I made that decision!

Who will execute the details on the wedding day. Who will set up the centerpieces, favors, guest book, ensure you get everything back at the end of the night? If you don't hire a day of coordinator, it will be mom, aunt, or you will pay the reception site extra. Your family and friends shouldn't have to spend the morning of your wedding feverishly tying chair sashes? – Take the Cake Events


I'm not talking about the honeymoon. It is important to have a post wedding plan in place. Are a lot of your guests from out of town? If you want to continue to entertain and spend time with them, be sure to set up an after spot for everyone. Perhaps you are looking for some privacy to catch some sleep and spend some time as a newly married couple? If this is the case be sure to book a room at a hotel away from where your guests are staying. No matter what your desires are, be sure to have a plan in place so you both know where to go at the end of the night.

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