Wedding Day Emergency Kit

We all want our wedding day to go off without a single snag, hitch, mistake, or oopsie.  Let’s face it…the majority of stress leading up to the wedding day is from our desire to make sure everything turns out perfectly.  Sometimes there are circumstances that are beyond our control though.  For those instances it is really important to have a day of emergency kit at your wedding.  Hopefully you won’t have to use it, but you will be glad it is there if you do need it! ekit

Here is a list of the essentials that every emergency kit should include: mirror, handkerchief, bottle of hairspray, bobby pins, comb, lipstain, band-aids, a Tide to go pen, blotting papers, dental floss, emery board, krazy glue, extra pantyhose, clear nail polish, white chalk, extra earing backs, mini-sewing kit, safety pins, travel size perfume, mints, eye drips, and aspirin.

In case you find yourself running short on time and are not able to create one of these wedding emergency kits yourself.  Here are some great ones I found that you can purchase for your big day :-)


Design your own Wedding Emergency Kit from Wedding Emergency Kits


From JH Weddings


From Target


From Abernook