Wedding Invitations How-To

I am thrilled to share with you today a guest blogger that has her own handmade wedding invitation business called Geebee Invitations. She’s going to give you a run down on all the wedding invitation etiquette from when to send them to what they should include.  Included is also some of her featured work!  I hope you all find this post as informative as I did :-)

Butterfly cheque   Dear Jessye

My name is Gurinder and I started up my handmade invitations business Geebee Invitationsafter years of creating wedding invitations for friends and family, including my own wedding! I hope you find the following blog a useful insight to having the perfect stationery for your wedding day.

Filigree  Maya


There are an overwhelming number of choices to make about your wedding, and a huge range of stationery options that you could go for - traditional, elegant, simple or quirky to name a few styles! Ultimately however, you should choose something that reflects ‘you’ and your wedding day. Some brides and grooms take inspiration from their bridesmaid dresses, favourite flowers or even decide to incorporate their childhood photos with the card. As well as being informative, invitations give your guests an impression of what the big day will be like. As the majority of invitations are made to order, your stationery designer should be able to create something bespoke at no extra cost so it should fit you just right.

Also consider what coordinating stationery you would like for the big day itself and whether you would like your order of service, placecards, table plans to coordinate with your invitations. If you order these at the time of your invitations you may be able to ask for a discount from your supplier.

Groove is in the Heart   Groove is in the Heart


Traditionally, wedding invitations were sent out six weeks before the wedding but these days it’s more likely to be between three and six months. It’s better to give your guests as much notice as possible, so they can organize hotels, time off work and holidays. It also gives you plenty of time to get the replies back, let your caterers know numbers and organize the seating plan. It is wise to send out a save the date card as soon as you have your venue booked, particularly if you’re getting married in the holiday season or on a weekday. Many couples send their save the date cards with their Christmas cards, or have them made into magnets as a reminder to stick on the fridge. The wording of a save the date is very simple – e.g. “Save the Date: Samantha and Joseph are tying the knot on 14thApril 2012 in London – formal invitations to follow.”

Vaudeville Vaudeville


There are many options for your wedding invitation wording, depending on who is “hosting”. Traditionally this was the bride’s parents but more and more couple are deciding to host themselves.

Bride’s parents hosting:

“Mr and Mrs Paul Jones request the pleasure of your company at the wedding of their daughter, Maria Elizabeth and John Richard Brown.”

Bride and Groom hosting:

“Maria Elizabeth Jones and John Richard Brown request the pleasure of your company at their wedding…”

Both sets of parents:

“Mr and Mrs Paul Jones and Mr and Mrs David Brown request the pleasure of your company at the wedding of their children Maria Elizabeth and John Richard…”

Divorced parents:

“Mr Paul Jones and Mrs Catherine Jones request the pleasure of your company at the wedding of their daughter Maria Elizabeth and John Richard Brown…”

A single parent:

“Mr Paul Jones requests the pleasure of your company at the wedding of his daughter Maria Elizabeth to John Richard Brown…”

Make sure that guests know exactly who is invited - if you don’t want your guests to bring their children make sure that it is clear in the invitation. Don’t feel pressured into inviting children to your wedding as they can be costly (as well as noisy!), you’re perfectly entitled to celebrate your wedding exactly the way you want to.



If your parents are hosting, the replies are usually sent to them directly. Including an RSVP card will mean that your guests can fill them in and pop them straight back in the post to you, with all the information you require like how many will attend, whether they have any dietary requirements and even requests for the dance floor. You don’t have to include one of course, but as long as guests know when to reply by and your contact details (or if your parents are hosting their details) you could even do this via email. You will invariably have some outstanding replies after your deadline so you should be prepared to chase up a few people, as it’s best not to assume anything!

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As well as the information that will go on the invitation, your guests will find it useful to know details like hotels, gift list, dress code, parking and whether children are welcome. There are a lot of couples who opt to create their own wedding website and direct their guests to it. This is a great idea but remember to consider older guests who may not be computer-savvy so would appreciate the information in a hard copy. Having an information card also means that guests have all the information to hand which may be easier to tuck into their handbags on the day!

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