What Does a Wedding Cost?

What does a wedding cost? This is usually the biggest question when a couple gets engaged. Let's face it, you've never done this before. You may not have the slightest idea of what to budget. I remember when I was planning my wedding. We had a decent overall budget, but I didn't have a clue what things cost. For me, I had decided that the photographer was most important for my wedding. I remember emailing photographers to inquire about what they charged to see what to expect. Here was the most common response I got back...

"We offer lots of options depending on your needs. What is your budget for a photographer?"

How was I supposed to know what my budget for a photographer was, when I wasn't sure what photographers normally charge? This left me pretty frustrated. Being on the other side of it, I understand now that vendors are constantly being price shopped. So while the vendor may be trying to feel out a potential client by asking their budget, there are many of us that just don't know where to start.

Image by Simply Events

That is why I wanted to share this amazing infographic with you from Every Last Detail. I'm a big fan of Lauren from Every Last Detail and she spent a year collecting data to break down these average wedding costs for you! I admire that Lauren is there to educate brides, because that is what I try to do too. You've never done this before and sometimes a little help is what's needed.

Now keep in mind that these numbers are averages. A lot of factors such as location, guest count, and day can drastically alter these numbers. You may also decide that one service is more important to you and be willing to spend more for that service while cutting back on another service. This infographic is just to give you an overall idea of what to expect when you start planning for your big day!

[Please note that there were a few "vendor categories" not included in the sampling, such as hair, makeup, officiants, favors, gifts, and fashion. All of these categories are incredibly varied, most of which (except for fashion) are in price ranges of the low hundreds.]

What does a wedding cost